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Your story is uniquely yours — and it all starts here. When you sign or renew any lease with your Campus Advantage community starting this Cyber Week, the next chapter is just beginning. It's more than just a living experience. It's a community designed for success, career opportunities that help you thrive, and connections that last a lifetime. Click below to get started — and stay connected to us all week to score exclusive leasing prizes.

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Let us help tell your story in a brand-new way. Sign or renew by December 3 and you could win:

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Explore stories from Campus Advantage residents.

“This community has completely changed my life. The memories I have made from this embody and exceed the college experience.”

Clara B.

“...This meant a lot to me because it really shows that this apartment is here to support us and is truly our home away from home.”

Alondra O.

“It feels really good to be welcomed and be a part of a community that is constantly growing, and that makes everyone feel included.”

Danna S.

“I have met some great people and made lasting bonds that will extend far past my residency within my CA community.”

Carson C.

“There is always an opportunity to expand out of one’s own circle and make new friends and connections.”

Haley J.

“Finding new people with different interests was only possible because my CA community provided an outlet.”

Kayla B.

“The management at my community has gone out of their way to ensure that I feel comfortable and happy in my living space.”

Nathan S.

“Before living here, I never knew that apartment complexes would ever help provide resources to grow professionally like this.”

Dane M.

“My grades have truly been the best they have ever been in my school career…thanks to my CA community for that.”

Hannah B.

“Living at a CA community has been a key factor in my academic success…allowing me to really focus on my studies.”

Brice S.

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